ePSXe 1.7.0

Excellent tool for emulating PlayStation games to a computer or mobile device

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    Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 2000 / Windows 95 / Windows NT / Windows 98 / Windows XP

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ePSXe is an emulator that runs games made for the Sony Playstation on the PC. This emulator isn't perfect, but it's considered by many people to be the most reliable Playstation emulator. Playstation games have utilized the console's hardware to its fullest extent. These games aren't hardware intensive, but they are usually rendered in full 3D.

Many Playstation games used two dimensional backdrops with three dimensional objects in the foreground. These can be difficult to render on the PC, but ePSXe renders most of these games flawlessly. However, some games leave behind visual artifacts after rendering the 3D graphics and some 2D visuals may also appear as though they are floating because they are layered over the foreground.

The Playstation was one of the first consoles to utilize full motion video as a means of storytelling. This emulator can render full motion video cut scenes with ease. Many Playstation games also had multiple discs because the discs had very limited storage capacity. This emulator allows the player to manually swap discs from their computer's CD tray with relative ease. The player can also swap out ROM images. A ROM is a digital copy of the CD's game data. ePSXe can emulate every existing Playstation game.

Setting up ePSXe is difficult because players need to manually select the emulator's video card, sound card and BIOS. The BIOS file is required to use ePSXe. It has to be downloaded and selected manually from an external website. Most modern computers should have no problem running games on ePSXe. The emulator does allow the player to tweak its performance settings. This emulator also has a frame skip button. Players can speed up cut scenes and dialogue by utilizing the frame skip button. This makes it easier to finish turn-based role playing games.

ePSXe doesn't include any games. Installing the BIOS file allows the player to "turn on" the virtual Playstation console. Games then need to be manually loaded and configured from the menu. Players can configure ePSXe's controls using their keyboard or an external joystick. This program has difficulty detecting some older game pads. The player's control settings may sometimes reset without warning. The player has to manually reconfigure the game's controls each time this happens. ePSXe isn't the only Playstation emulator on the PC. Many people prefer ePSXe over other emulators because of its sleek interface and reliability. ePSXe may be difficult to set up, but once it's running it's guaranteed to provide players with countless hours of entertainment.


  • Epsxe can play almost all Playstation games.
  • This emulator allows the player to tweak the game's visuals.
  • Players can use ePSXe with their own Playstation games, ROM files and most game patches.


  • Epsxe may spontaneously freeze or crash while running some games.
  • Some computers may have trouble rendering ePSXe's graphics or sound.
  • Setting up ePSXe may be a challenge for those inexperienced with emulator software.

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